“I have always been a grapefruit fan so I wasn't daunted by the thought of having them every day - I think it is a good way to start your day and I didn't get bored ( I thought I might!).

“Prior to starting the challenge, I thought I may suffer from grapefruit overkill having them every day but this wasn't the case. I had the whole grapefruit and a slice of wholemeal toast every morning and found by day three or four I no longer wanted butter on my toast, which was a positive thing.

“I felt full and refreshed - less likely to dive into the biscuits at 11am. I loved the taste of the grapefruit and also the smell - I don't usually have so many in the house at one time and it was a wonderful, healthy fresh aroma.

“I felt positive every day of the challenge, great to have one of my five a day before I left the house, and having a healthy start to the day helped me to be strong and resist the biscuit/cookie fix I often get.

“I lost about three pounds and I am sure my skin looked brighter. Since completing the challenge I am having a grapefruit for breakfast three or four times a week, by choice!”
Susan, Glasgow

“I had often enjoyed having sweet grapefruit for breakfast or before a meal. I hoped to lose a bit of weight during the challenge and maybe help to cut down my cholesterol a bit. I enjoyed the taste of the grapefruit – they were pleasantly sweet, fresh and enjoyable every morning.

“After eating them I did not hanker for biscuits or 'naughty' snacks, so it freshened my taste buds.

“During the trial I felt more energetic than usual, my skin seemed fresher and my hair healthier. I shall continue eating grapefruit regularly, it is a very pleasant way of getting more vitamin C.”
Anna, Canterbury

“Thank you for the South African grapefruit test trial. I loved it. I used to eat a great deal of grapefruit but got out of the habit. I am right back in the habit now. I found each morning I looked forward to my grapefruit and sometimes in the afternoon around 4pm I had another.

“I found it affected my other tastes too, I 'craved' salads and green crisp leaves and less meats and fizzy juices. My taste buds definitely altered a bit.
I lost weight too which was fabulous.”
Tanya, London

“Prior to the challenge I viewed grapefruit as a diet food so I didn’t eat it often. I had no expectations from the challenge but was interested to see if this alone could produce any weight loss - but I was quite sceptical as my excess seems to be solid and stubborn!

“I was surprised to find that I had more energy, my skin seemed to be less prone to acne and a little brighter. I didn’t lose any weight but that was possibly because I often had the grapefruit as an extra breakfast food alongside my usual bowl of cereal.

“I also noted that the fruit had very few pips (only two had whole seeds and a further three had immature seeds) and were reasonably easy to peel. I will continue to eat grapefruit and am now more likely to choose this fruit over others.”
Margaret, Cheshire